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Almighty Allah gifted us with planet Earth to live on. Having seven oceans of water contributing almost 70% of the Planet and same percentage applies for our bodies. On each side of the seven seas and rivers, he gifted us with different fish, birds and animals. Also, every sea, ground, soil is unique and have unique fish, birds and animals with distinctive values and benefits.

Planet Earth has seven continents. On each of the continent he gifted us with different plants that grow in different grounds and soils and also every fruit and vegetable come with a different taste.On each side of the desert and forest, Almighty Allah gifted us with different birds and animals for us to use as food, transport, and clothing.

On each side of the Globe, Almighty Allah has a secret which until today humans were not able to figure out how seven words with seven skies and seven seas were created in just seven days (Subhan Allah)…and guess what? When we go for Umrah or Haj, we also take seven round in Mecca around Kaaba. I really wish to understand or find out the secret behind number seven since it is a special number and was selected by almighty Allah. Number seven is even more special to me, as my lovely brother Ahmad was born on the Seventh day of the Seventh month.

By the way, we also believe that we have seven worlds – some belong to us and some belong to others.

Unlike animals, birds and other creations, Allah gifted us with brain, so we are able to differentiate human being from all other beings and we only use 5% of its capability. I believe that Almighty Allah made different beings in different places with different purposes and gave them different natural resources and treasures just for one reason, for us to put hands together, get together, learn from each other, help each other, exchanges cultures and values and seek best results

I might live and eat in the West, but my treatments with natural herbs could come from East. I might live in the South, but my medication come from some natural hot springs in the North. I can live in a sunny climate, while others rarely see the sun shine and vice versa and for that Almighty says “Ardh Allah Wasea’ah” – meaning “the Globe is wide enough to go across, experience, eat and drink differently”.

I was born in Muharraq – the biggest island on the North of the Kingdom of Bahrain and my blessed country Bahrain used to be called Ardh Alkhulood – the land of eternity.

I was raised up in Government Police Fort in Manama – the Capital City. At that time, my Dad was a member of the “early birds”, who carried badge #517 indicating that he was 517th member of the total force. He passed away in March 1998th, after serving 37 years in the police – Almighty Allah, bless his soul and all of us Inshallah. My family learned a lot about discipline, commitment and honesty, although we hated it and sometimes we found it hard. Now, I personally thank my farther a lot, as I really feel and taste the values he gave me, especially when he told me: “Ebrahim, you can do anything you want, but do not get involved with drugs, alcohol and smoking”. All my life I did exactly what he advised me and all people who know me can confirm it. Only sometimes, while on vacation I smoke shisha as part of joy :))

I finished my school and university in Business and Accounting studies. Then I joined Citibank and worked there for 12 years. I learned how to work like a machine, but I also learned different cultures as I was worked with multi-national managers and officers. Thanks so all Citibankers, I became a professional and USA certified investment consultant.

Joined, BBK, for 2 months, where i couldn’t catch up with the style, stayed 6 months jobless, then joined Batelco as a Retail Manager for 6 months, then head hunted by MTC-Vodafone, where I Joined as Retail & Projects Manager, moved to sales support, then corporate sales.

I joined BBK for two months, where I couldn’t catch up with the working style and stayed jobless for six months. Then I joined Batelco and worked as a Retail Manager for six months. After which worked with MTC-Vodafone as Retail & Projects Manager, moved to Sales Support, then Corporate Sales.

Then there was ZAIN. We launched this company in Bahrain as “green field” and this company gave me so much self-confidence along with my leaders empowering and trusting me. I started with ZAIN in Bahrain, then moved to Saudi Arabia, after which to Africa and back to Saudi Arabia.

This rich experience made me multi-cultural and multi-skilled individual. Thanks to Dr.Saad Albarrak for having a big dream to take a local Kuwaiti company to an international giant multinational organisation. Thanks to Chief Khalid Al Farkh to execute the plans and make the dream happen. Thanks to all at Zain who believed in the dream and shared the responsibility and who made it happen. Thank you all for letting me finding myself.

In my journey, I got really exhausted and frustrated until I came to know I was seriously ill and was supposed to give up my life and leave. At that moment, my managers at Zain stood by my side and a much respected friend, who is closed then a sister, was also there for me and they all simply didn’t allow me to give up. Nobody knew about my sickness, as I was keeping it as a top secret even from my family as I didn’t want them to go through the pain. So, I can never stop thanking those people, who stood by my side.

I remember when were in Africa, my boss Chief Khalid Al Farkh (Business Transformation Officer) said: “Out power is not what we do within control, but what we can do within our reach.” This statement banged my head and made me think “what was I doing all this time?!” He just made me re-think my life, my strategy and why am I playing solo music while there are people around me to play and orchestra with me.

I started seeking support of friends and family, looking for business opportunities inside and around my country. I started thinking more of all people I met throughout my life journey,

I imagined myself standing on the World Map on the exact spot where Bahrain is located and I saw and realised that the world around me filled with endless opportunities. I can see the seven seas that I can cross, I can see seven continents that I can visit and get anything I want. I can see seven skies that are wide open with no limits to fly.

We can always seek new opportunities, new ways and start learning new skills from different countries and cultures, maximize our brain usage and we should never say “I don’t know this”. How can we know if we haven’t tried? We might be best in it.

The above made me think of my own business, which I started in 1988 with a small and I enhanced it with only one partner. After thinking about the “power within reach” and after changing the way we think and plan, I can now say that we are medium size company with enthusiastic team members who have some unique dreams and challenges to make it happen.

We are currently well established in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India and Canada. Also, we started establishing our branches in Kuwait, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Libya, Morocco and Germany.

Our designers – Indians, Indonesians, Philipinos  and Bahrainis, can integrate all modern designs. The Andalusian and traditional themes with oriental touches will be provided by our Moroccan team. We use Canadian and Ukrainian futuristic building and construction materials certified internationally and executed by our Ukrainian engineers and finish them with unique colourings technology from Belgium. We guarantee you and your family 100-year long houses, buildings, compounds, schools, labor camps, military shelters. The construction is made in extremely short time and beautify it with natural landscaping.

We offer Turn-Key project management, design, build and develop, landscape, customised joinery and furniture, retail, showrooms, offices fit-outs, branding, printing, media, photo shooting, film making, journalism, oil and gas, health care.

We have all the elements that go in-line with new world strategy – “Go Green” housing and construction. If it’s not me or us, you can still be sure that I am empowered with my partners and supporters to bring you solutions to meet your needs. You might think what we offer is too much diversified, but visit our website www.abzinvest.com to see all the things we do, our partners, people supporting us and we make sure what we have is selective and unique.

We are originally a Bahraini Company, who expanded first in Canada to bring international standards and guidelines. We use German machines, bring innovative people into operation from Ukraine, and use Armenian IT technology. With the help of Indian bulk furniture production, having Moroccan and oriental taste, taking aggressive and open to challenging attitude taken from Africa. Learning from the creations and achievements of Persia caused by boycotting them and applying economical bans, capitalising on the oriental Arabian kindness and hospitality. We are becoming strong with unique and solid believes devoted to make things differently to serve ourselves and the society.

When you meet our team members, you will notice that we are team of multi-national and multi-cultural professionals. We keep religion in our hearts and we practice it at home or office. As long as we all act as one in the office, everybody is free to follow their believes.

I have lots of Love to give and Inshallah soon lots of money to give to my team who suffered with us due to economic and political situations. May almighty Allah bless all of us and our big dreams that will be shared with you in right time.

So, “our power is what we can do within reach”!

It always required that you are positive and think good of people, taking some care while trusting others, yet keeping in mind “80-20 rule”.

“You are rewarded by your intentions” – so be positive and you will succeed even if you struggle. Being negative will take you nowhere and it might even make you worse. It is power of attraction and I will advise to read a book called “The Secret”. Understand it and apply to yourself and to people.

I might took some of your time by writing My Story, but I believe in sharing and maybe something of what I mentioned might click in your mind. Just the same way it happened with me.

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