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GAZ is an English language Bahraini monthly publication that is dedicated to bringing the latest news, reviews, expert opinions and analysis on the automotive industry and popular motorsport, both on the global scene and locally. GAZ is also the first and only publication in the Kingdom that when flipped boasts an entire new section called ‘GAZ Reverse’ dedicated to the lifestyle of motoring. It includes special features geared towards both men and women including celebrity cars, the latest motoring fashion accessories and gadgets and our flagship ten pages of motoring related fashion pages; ‘Road2Fashion’

GAZ is run be a team of professional publishers and writers whose passion collectively covers all aspects of motoring, whether on four wheels, or two, on the road, off it or on water.

Having captivated the hearts of motoring enthusiasts on the island through vivid photography and informative yet engaging content, GAZ has built a strong following, with its readers who come from different age groups and across the income classes. Whether their interest lies in car reviews, technical guidance, vehicle modification and care, motorbikes, motorsport or motoring lifestyle and fashion, our readers are sure to find it in every issue of GAZ.

Nurturing the Kingdom’s infatuation with motoring since first publishing in 2006, GAZ has recreated itself to position the magazine at the frontier in motoring and automotive media in the Kingdom. With a sleek and contemporary look, an entertaining yet informative editorial style, and features catering to the local interests of its readers, GAZ makes it a compelling must read publication for everyone, not just motoring enthusiasts. In a region where motoring is woven in its culture, everyone can find something in GAZ that they can relate to.

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